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Inclusive Democracy and Human Rights

Theme:                               Digital, Democracy, Climate, Gender Based                                                  Violence
Donor Agency:               Digital Democracy Initiative (DDI)
Min. Funding:                  DKK 30 Million
DeadLine:                          17 Jun 2024


Invitation to Submit Expression of Interest

Theme:                               Capacity Building, Poverty, Oppression
Donor Agency:               Swedish International Development                                                  Cooperation Agency (SIDA)
Min. Funding:                  Not Specified
DeadLine:                          27 May 2024


Grants on Education, Environment, Livelihoods

Theme:                               Education, Environment, Livelihoods
Donor Agency:               Avery Dennison Foundation
Min. Funding:                  USD 50,000
DeadLine:                          On going

Canada Fund for Local Initiatives

Theme:                               Climate, Gender, Inclusion
Donor Agency:               High Commission of Canada in Pakistan
Min. Funding:                  CAD 30,000
DeadLine:                          12 May 2024

Climate Gender Equity Fund (CGEF)

Theme:                               Climate, Gender, Entrepreneurship
Donor Agency:               USAID
Min. Funding:                  USD 50,000
DeadLine:                          17 May 2024

Creativity Pioneers Fund

Theme:                               Social Change, Innovation, Inclusion,                                                  Equity
Donor Agency:               Moleskine Foundation
Min. Funding:                  Euro 5,000
DeadLine:                          27 May 2024

Regional Observatories on Education System

Theme:                               Education
Donor Agency:               International Development Research                                                  Centre
Max. Funding:                 CAD 1 Million
DeadLine:                          11 Jul 2024

Strengthening provincial anti-corruption establishments

Theme:                               Anticorruption, Laws, Legal Processes
Donor Agency:               US State Department
Min. Funding:                  USD 500,000
DeadLine:                          17 Jun 2024

Media Innovation Small Grants

Theme:                               Media, Alternative Media
Donor Agency:               Freedom Network
Max. Funding:                 PKR 370,000
DeadLine:                          10 Jun 2024

Refugee Led Innovation Fund

Theme:                               Forcibly Displaced, Stateless Citizens
Donor Agency:               UNHCR
Max. Funding:                 USD 45,000
DeadLine:                          31 May 2024

Humanitarian Innovation Projects 2024

Theme:                               Humanitarian Systems, Approaches
Donor Agency:               Humanitarian and Stabilization Operations                                                  Center (COHS)
Min. Funding:                  Euro 200,000
DeadLine:                          10 Jun 2024

International Fund for Cultural Diversity

Theme:                               Cultural Policies
Donor Agency:               UNESCO
Max. Funding:                 USD 100,000
DeadLine:                          14 June 2024

Joint Vision and Hearing Program for Children

Theme:                               Disability, Support for Children
Donor Agency:               United Nations Office for Project Services                                                  (UNOPS)
Max. Funding:                 USD 5,000,000
DeadLine:                          30 Jun 2024

Interim and Durable Solutions for Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Theme:                               Refugees, Stateless Persons, Asylum                                                  Seekers
Donor Agency:               Bureau of Population Refugees and                                                  Migration, USA
Min. Funding:                  USD 100,000
DeadLine:                          17 Jun 2024

Gender and Communication Rights Program

Theme:                               Gender, Communication, Marginalized                                                  Communities
Donor Agency:               World Association for Christian                                                  Communication (WACC)
Min. Funding:                  USD 13,000
DeadLine:                          31 May 2024

Breast Cancer Progress Grant

Theme:                               Health, Breast Cancer
Donor Agency:               AstraZeneca
Min. Funding:                  USD 50,000
DeadLine:                          13 Jun 2024

Strengthening Feminist Movements

Theme:                               Feminist Leadership, Advocacy
Donor Agency:               Women's Fund Asia
Min. Funding:                  USD 15,000
DeadLine:                          20 May 2024

Wildlife Trafficking and Natural Resource Crime

Theme:                               Wild Life, Trafficking, Law, Law Enforcement
Donor Agency:               Bureau of International Narcotics-Law                                                  Enforcement, USA
Min. Funding:                  USD 300,000
DeadLine:                          24 Jun 2024